Reformed Druids of North America

The Reformed Druids of North America began at Carleton College in 1963. The ``Pseudo-Official Home Page'' is located there; it's a little sketchy but has a links page that may prove helpful. A Reformed Druid Anthology, also at Carleton, presents much of the available Reformed Druidic literature, if you don't mind PDF. There's a DruidWiki starting up, too.

Reformed Druidism is a vaguely neo-Pagan form of nature worship with a healthy dose of scepticism and a great lack of respect for ``organized religion.'' This is not surprising, as it was originally founded as a way of circumventing Carleton's requirement that every student attend a religious service every week. By the time I came to Carleton in 1964 the requirement had been dropped and the Druids were taking credit for it.

Eventually I hope to grow this site into a resource for Reformed* Druids

The perpetrator of this site is Stephen Savitzky, a former Archdruid of Carleton and later of Stanford.

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